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Strategieworkshop Zürich

The method was developed by Lego in the 90s. The company was in great difficulty at the time due to drastic changes in the market - at that time computer games became suitable for the mass market.

By focusing on their core competence, building models and mapping ideas into models, a method was developed for the development of strategies and ideas in teamwork.

Lego thus achieved its own turnaround and is still regarded today as a model company when it comes to its own development processes and customer centricity.

The method has been continuously refined ever since. It uses scientific findings from educational research and psychology (constructionism, creative imagination, hand-brain connection & implicit knowledge, flow theory) for a solid foundation.

Lego Serious Play is a moderated workshop process that is tailored to your question, but follows a clear system.

The process follows five simple steps: Your question - construction of models - exchange to models - reflection & documentation - implementation.

Lego Serious Play Schweiz
Lego Serious Play Workshop

Grundlagen der Flow - Theory

What makes Lego Serious Play work

Facilitator - Ausbildung

Kurze Geschichte von LSP

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