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Learn how to use Lego Serious Play yourself in a well-founded, inspired and creative way. From the handling of the material to the theoretical background to the skillful moderation of Lego Serious Play Sessions.


Lego Serious Play Training

Our experience formats are very practice- and application-oriented. These experiences are then theoretically embedded and reflected upon.     To guarantee the best possible supervision, we work in teams of 8 - 10 people, each accompanied by Lukas or Stephan.    



The following content is taught in training:

  • Method and steps of Lego Serious Play

  • Dealing with material and technology

  • Theoretical background & history

  • Current developments & practical tips

  • What is the method suitable for?

  • How do I formulate suitable questions?

  • Establishment of meetings / workshops

  • Role of the facilitator and the participants

  • Documentation of the results

  • Transfer to everyday work

This format is ideal for experiencing Lego Serious Play for yourself and learning more about the scientific principles as well as the different applications of Lego Serious Play. You will apply the method to 3 concrete tasks.     Afterwards we will embed the introduction into the theoretical framework.   


  • Experience Lego® Serious Play®

  • Scientific background of Lego® Serious Play®

  • Competence building and two individual questions

  • Presentation of the scientific principles

  • 5 - 10 participants per presenter


Discover Lego Serious Play (3 h)

Lego Serious Play Ausbildung

In one day you will experience 3 different application techniques of Lego® Serious Play® and learn how to use them with your team. We will bring many real world examples and guide you on how to set up and facilitate workshops.

  • Experience Lego® Serious Play®.   

  • Learn 4 different application techniques: Working with Individual Models, Shared Models, Landscape, Dependencies and Connections.

  • Learn how Lego® Serious Play® workshops work for your team and context

Explore and apply Lego Serious Play 

(8 h)

Lego Serious Play Ausbildung
Lego Serious Play Ausbildung

Contact us today without obligation and we will discuss which training courses are suitable for you. On, by phone 076 422 28 82 or via the contact form.

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